Meet The Ambassador “Pippa Ryan”


Pippa Ryan, Jameson Irish Whiskey Brand Ambassador for Indonesia, gives us insight into the life of a brand ambassador and shares some personal pleasures.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Hello, my name is Pippa Ryan and I am the Jameson Brand Ambassador covering Indonesia. I have been a Jameson Brand Ambassador for 3 years where I spent my first 2 years based in Dublin, the heart and home of Jameson Irish Whiskey. I am originally from Cork, in Ireland and my home is a
20-minute drive from the Jameson distillery. From a young age, we used to go down to the Midleton Distillery in Cork (where Jameson is made) and walk around the grounds of the distillery. I have a deep passion for the brand and the product, so I am so exciting to tell you guys more about me and my experience working with Jameson in both Ireland and Indonesia.

What’s something you’d like people to know about being a brand ambassador as a profession?
My favorite thing about being Jameson Brand Ambassador is the people that I meet on a day-to-day basis. Going out and about to different bars and events is all in the nature of the role. In doing this, the job gives you the tools to build strong and every-lasting relationships across the globe. I like to see myself as the eyes and ears on the ground for Jameson. I spend my time gathering consumer insights and finding new ways to delve into the ever-changing needs of our target consumer while continuing to develop as a well-versed marketeer. 

Another aspect of the role that I love is the prospect for constant growth and career development. Upon entering my role, I was keen on working in conjunctions with both the sales and marketing teams, while also spending a lot of my time on-trade as I am passionate about being involved in all aspects of events – from the planning, development, and the implementation of the brand strategy through activation and advocacy. Having been lucky enough to spend a year working and living in Indonesia, I have discovered how different markets perceive Jameson which has given me all a
360 view of our brand, and Pernod Ricard globally.

What’s it like being a young woman working in the whiskey industry?
I get this question a lot, as many people believe that being a woman is whiskey will pose some challenges, but honestly… I think it’s great to be a young woman in the whiskey industry. As I have been in my role as a Jameson Brand Ambassador for the past 3 years, I have gained a wide-ranging skill set in a cross-functional setting. My eagerness to learn, ability to form powerful connections, and positive attitude have also been a testament to my success in as a woman in whiskey! Specifically in Jakarta and Bali, I have found that many people in the bar community are very impressed by seeing a woman in my role and I believe that this could be the way forward.

What are the challenges that come with the role?
Indonesia is one of the most unique, challenging and rewarding markets you can be based in as a Jameson Brand Ambassador. The many cultural nuances and the restrictions surrounding alcohol
are just some of the things that make Indonesia unique to work in. Of course, these posed various challenges along the way but this is what made Indonesia such a wonderful market to work in. Advertising is difficult, and you must be careful about what you share on social media from brand pages. Indonesia is a ‘dark market’ but to overcome these challenges, I was given huge amounts of creative control over projects and activations. Despite these obstacles, Jameson is booming in Indonesia at the minute, and particularly in Jakarta 

What was your own drink epiphany where you first realized you loved whiskey?
Jameson was a drink that I have always known and loved. Growing up, my home was a 20-minute drive from the Midleton Distillery where Jameson was made. We used to take time on the weekend to go down to the distillery grounds for a walk. Here, I was always fascinated by the history and heritage behind Jameson and also the very unique production process to our triple distilled Irish Whiskey.
I can’t think of a clear epiphany moment where I fell in love with Jameson, looking back, it has always been something I have loved… either it was the history, heritage, and brand as a child, all the way up to the product itself as an adult!

What’s your view on the bar scene in Jakarta and Bali?
Drinking habits are different in Indonesia in comparison to Ireland as people here drink by the bottle rather than buying individual drinks such as a Jameson, Ginger and Lime or else cocktails. In many bars, I have noticed that Jameson is seen as a cool, sociable drink to be enjoyed with friends. I have found some of my favorite bars in both Jakarta and Bali. The bar scene is on fire at the moment, and everyone is heading out with friends.

This year, Indonesia had 3 bars listed in the 100 best bars in Southeast Asia, and we had one bar come within the top 50 Best Bars in Southeast Asia, which was The Cocktail Club based in Senopati. This bar which is a part of the Union Group enlightened Jakarta’s vibrant cocktail scene in 2021 and already jumped its way up to the 32nd best bar in South East Asia. I love everything about this bar, from their world-class cocktails all the way to the overwhelmingly positive and friendly bartenders and staff. If you are ever in Jakarta, check out this spot!

Any closing comments?
The people I have met during my year in Indonesia, have undoubtedly been some of the most kind-hearted and kindred spirits that I have come across. In March this year, we launched a campaign called “Widen The Circle” which is all about making the world a smaller place and connecting communities. Jakarta truly embodies Widen The Circle – as for one Asia’s ‘megacity’, with 12 million people in the city center and 35 million in the wider metropolitan area, somehow, by tapping into communities and connecting with people, Jakarta always felt like a place to call home. [IM]

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