Krista Monica and Her Jazzy Voice


Indonesian singer-songwriter,
Krista Monica hits the Sydney music industry with her fresh and sweet voice, influenced by the soothing sounds of jazz, soul, and RnB. 

Krista, born 21 February 1998, has cemented her music career after performing at notable venues throughout Sydney, such as the Enmore Theatre
and City Recital Hall. She has also taken lead roles in drama musical Epilogue and has begun performing her own original music at venues and events like the Paris Cat Jazz Club and the Kiama Jazz Festival in 2019. During the pandemic, despite all the struggle Krista released her first single called “Mind” already hit 500k on Spotify. Since she’s been constantly writing and releasing another single called “Be Alright” that brings awareness about a mental health issues. Chacha from INDOMEDIA talked with this talented beauty digging some more in-depth, so you don’t have to.

Hi Krista! Thank you for your time, do you mind telling us a bit about yourself?
I am quite free-spirited. When I was younger my siblings would call me a rebel because whatever I want, I would do it and try to achieve it. I was born and raised in Jakarta,
I wanted to go to the US but ended up in Sydney! For as long as I’ve remembered,
I wanted to be an artist; singer, actress. In Sydney, I gained the courage to be
confident and proud of my works. I learn to see my music and voice as something
unique and different from other artists. 

What is your proudest works?
My proudest works would be my two original songs, “Mind” and “Be Alright”. “Be Alright”
is a song I write during the pandemic when I see people around me and my best friend struggled with their mental health. This song is what I want to say to them. That even if you feel like zero right now, it’s not your fault and you had to forgive yourself and keep pushing on until you can be alright again. Do not hesitate to reach out to your friends
and family, do not feel guilty and just be honest with how you feel. I just want to spread awareness on our mental health and wellbeing through my song.

What are the up and downs of working in this industry?
The process of releasing my own song is long and there are unexpected issues I encounter along the way. One of them is how expensive it actually is to rent a recording studio here in Sydney! But, honestly, the hardest part is finding your voice and decide on which direction you’d like to go.

I’ve written a lot of songs but to put it out there in the internet is a different thing entirely. Thankfully I was helped with my friends from Chromatic Production who helped me with production and management. They help me a lot to have direction in choosing which song and how I want it to produce it.

But it was all worth it and my first song, “Mind”, hit 500k on Spotify, which is amazing! Seeing how people responds to my music is such a joy, it motivated me to create even more. I tell myself that if other people could believe in me, I should believe in myself too.

You raised money for Kanker Anak Indonesia, what drove you to do so?
For me it has always been a dream, that when I grow up to help a community and people in need. Took me years to realise you don’t have to be rich to have an act of kindness.
It is always just a small step for me because I might not have the biggest amount of money to donate to Kanker Anak Indonesia, but I know that I can create an impact and share awareness about Kanker in Indonesia itself. A year of pandemic makes me realise you can lose money in the blink of an eye, and it’s so easy to lose a job. That’s why,
why don’t we live our best life, do what we love, share what we love, and give with love.

The point for me is not where the donation is given but the habit of giving. It’s the idea that we all can give to those less fortunate and those in need no matter how small we
are now. I hope through my action, there could be a dominos effect that would drive people to give and donate too. 

Do you have any advice for your musicians and future singers?
Always do your best in everything, no matter how small. Because in this creative path,
it could take a while, could take even 10 years and each person’s journey is different.
Do not feel discouraged because music is truthfully, hard. So just appreciate your
progress and take it to step by step until you reach your goal.

It’s never easy to work as a musician or an artist, especially at this time. However, there’s always a way. if things don’t work for you, instead of giving up on our dream, why don’t we try another way to reach that dream. Be yourself, follow your heart, not the trend. Because it will determine how you would look back to your life’s work. Will you be happy with what you’ve created?

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to people who believe in me, though sometimes
in reality it’s different from what we thought it will be, I know the journey as a musician
is the best choice that I made. You can find more of my works on any major music
platform by typing Krista Monica on the search bar! And follow me on Instagram @kristamonicaa to stay tuned for my next release. [IM]

Be Alright:



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