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This column Mari Berbahasa Indonesia or “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia” aims to introduce some Indonesian vocabulary and expression that will guide you to the common use them in conversation. The segment of Mari Berbahasa Indonesia has been made possible through cooperation between The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra and Indomedia.
You can access the audio version via instagram @inaincanberra.
Penyusun: Ghofar Ismail.

Next is a conversation about Fasilitas Hotel or in English ‘Hotel Facility’. As usual please try to read every sentence loudly and slowly. The conversation is between Tony, a British man and a Hotel Receptionist. Let’s follow the conversation.

Resepsionis : Selamat malam, dengan resepsionis.
Tony : Ya, mbak. Kamar saya panas. AC nya rusak.
Resepsionis : Baik, Pak, teknisi kami akan ke kamar Bapak. Mohon Tunggu sebentar.
Tony : Baik, Terima kasih
Resepsionis : Sama-sama, Pak.

After practice, now I will introduce some vocabularies and phrases related to the today’s topic.
You may repeat it.  

Kamar saya panas: My room is hot
Pendingin ruangan/AC nya rusak : The Air Conditioner is broken
Teknisi kami akan ke kamar Bapak : Our technician will check it to your room.
Mohon tunggu sebentar : Wait a moment
Panas : Hot
Tidak panas : Not hot
Toilet : Toilet
Air : Water
Kamar mandi : Bathroom

Now here are other examples to express complaint. 

– Toilet di kamar saya rusak. Air di kamar mandi saya tidak panas.
(The toilet in my room is broken. The water heater in my room does not work.)
– Maaf, lantai kamar saya basah. (Excuse me, the floor in my room is wet.)
– Permisi, tempat tidur kamar saya bunyi. (Excuse me, my bed is squeaky.)
– Mobil antar jemput terlambat. (The shuttle car is late.)
– Staf hotel tidak ramah. (Hotel staff is not friendly.)  

Readers, let’s practice again to master the conversation.

Resepsionis : Selamat malam, dengan resepsionis.
Tony :  Ya mbak. Kamar saya panas. AC-nya rusak.
Resepsionis : Baik , Pak. Teknisi kami akan ke kamar Bapak. Mohon ditunggu sebentar.
Tony : Baik, terima kasih.
Resepsionis : Sama-sama, Pak

That was “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia” this time with the topic ‘Fasilitas Hotel’.
Hopefully this edition can be useful for those who want to know more about Bahasa Indonesia. 

We’ll meet again tomorrow with different topic.
See you in the next edition with other interesting topics.
Terima kasih, dan sampai Jumpa. [IM]

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