Ian Tamawidjaja


First of all, I want to give IndoMedia an appreciation for giving me an opportunity to share some of my works. As a creator or an artist, in this case, a photographer, I want to tell a story or to provoke thoughts as Norman Bethune stated: “The function of the artist is to disturb”.

Most of my pictures I capture is without any concept behind it, it’s more on the ‘experimental’ approach of taking pictures. My works usually are the things that I encounter every day, but as there are repetitions every day there will be no such thing as the same moment.

So, these are some of my works that I would share with you!





Here is my self-portrait that I took around 2 years ago, for me this photo provokes me to think about my identity, but I’m open to other interpretations.






This photo is about the daily commute to work, it was taken early in the morning. I would interpret it as there are random moments in everyday commuting or as a banality of daily life.






Lastly, this photo is an appreciation to Frank Gehry, the architect of this building.


Thanks for your time to read this utterly short article of mine!

You can find me on 
– Instagram: iantamawidjaja
– Behance: iantamawidjaja
– VSCO: iantamawidjaja


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