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Greetings! My name is Evelyn Tanasha and I am currently on my Third-year studying Visual Communication Design in University of Technology Sydney. I claim myself as a designer who specializes in brand design. I have a big passion to communicate big ideas that sometimes can take in many forms, including cinematography, photography, and graphic design.

I have joined in many organizational works related to creative work and art. I also have comprehensive experience in videography and graphic design. The words that best describe my way of working would be efficient and calm, as I am a very organized creative who makes sure my time is spent wisely. My range of works can be recognized by my minimal style of design and illustrative works.

Currently, I am a freelancer and also the Creative Director at Lumeé Patisserie (@lumee.patisserie), a home-based patisserie business run by my sister and me. I am the one responsible for creating the brand’s identity, and here’s a glimpse of our story.

First off, when my sister had this idea of creating a patisserie business, she asked me to come up with a name and a logo. After some researching, I came up with several names that relate to our personality and we ended up choosing Lumeé that means ‘snow’ in Estonian, and ‘light’ in French. For the colour scheme, I went with burgundy red and gold to show a feeling of elegance. At Lumeé, I’m also responsible for designing their product packaging, maintaining the Instagram account, and everything that relates to design.

Brand Identity – Lumeé Patisserie

The second work that I want to show you is from one of my university projects, it is a booklet that consists of a series of vector graphic icons that highlights the difference between adventurous versus calming holiday. The title of the booklet is called ‘Which Holiday Would You Rather?’.

The adventurous holiday can be seen on the left-hand side with a warm yellow colour, meanwhile, the calming holiday can be seen on the right-hand side with a blue colour.

Booklet – ‘Which Holiday Would You Rather?’

The last work of mine that I would like to show is from a university project as well, titled ‘How Does It Feel Like to be a Samurai Warrior?’. This project is a short comic/storyboard which showcases the creation of digital interaction element using current technology that works with an object chosen from The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

The concept behind it is a huge screen that displays an interactive game that provides knowledge around Samurai Armour and how the Edo period was in Japan. A scanner at the top of the screen works for scanning the user and display them on the screen, wearing a virtual samurai armour with the background of a market in the Edo period.

Short comic/storyboard – ‘How Does It Feel Like to be a Samurai Warrior?’

As a designer, I love what I do and I’m always open to learning new things. Since someone said, no creative can exist in a vacuum and we have to keep on getting in touch with the world and diving ourselves into the latest trends. As much as I agree with that statement, I also think that the main challenge for me as a designer would be forcing myself to be involved with the trends of the world, as it is a never-ending drift that keeps on changing every single day. The biggest concern is whether or not we are able to adapt with the revolutions of our world.

My main aspiration is to become a well-known designer that produces art for a good cause, whether it is for the improvement of our earth or even small things like helping small businesses to grow and be a successful brand.

If you would like to know more about my work, you’re more than welcome to checkout my Instagram @studiobytan, and feel free to direct your inquiries to


Message: 0450 352 405

Instagram: @evelyntanasha

You can also watch my short films on my YouTube channel @evelyntanasha

Thanks heaps! xx 





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