Cultural Ambassadors: Indonesian Night Market Brings Indonesian Culture to Sydney

photo credit by INM Dawson
photo credit by INM Dawson

PPIA UNSW proudly presents the Indonesian Night Market 2023 – ‘Jelajah Memori’, a captivating cultural festival filled with a vibrant tapestry of Indonesian culture to the heart of Sydney. This highly anticipated event held on the 9th of June 2023 welcomed over 4500 visitors, including students, locals, and international residents, and the esteemed presence of the Consulate General for NSW, Queensland, and South Australia, Vedi Kurnia Buana.

photo credit by INM Dawson

The bustling food stalls’ ambience was a significant highlight of INM. The tantalising aromas and flavours of delicious Indonesian delicacies such as Nasi Goreng to desserts like Martabak filled the air. It brings back memories of the authentic taste of Indonesia for newcomers and fellow homesick visitors who crave a taste of something familiar.

A standout feature of INM was the reappearance of Podjok Budaya where visitors experienced eccentric Indonesian activities such as Jamu Pong featuring traditional Indonesian herbal drinks, and Balap Karung, a sack race that requires visitors’ agility and teamwork. Additionally, visitors could engage in Batik and Hena Workshop, exploring the artistry behind Indonesian textiles and body art. These first-hand experiences added excitement and allowed for an appreciation of Indonesian customs and traditions.

To curate a diverse range of mesmerizing performances representing the richness and diversity of Indonesian cultural traditions, INM presents the audience with the Traditional Costumes Parade from different provinces and its Nostalgic characters like Si Bolang, Dilan, and Milea for example. Along the way, the event resonated with melodious tunes of special performances from Angklung and Gamelan symphonies.

photo credit by INM Dawson

The committees of INM also did special performances representing the richness and diversity of Indonesian traditional and modern dance. Among these performances was the traditional Saman dance from Aceh, known for its energetic and synchronized movements. Through these performances, INM aimed to preserve and promote the beauty and immense cultural heritage in Indonesian society.

photo credit by INM Dawson

“INM 2023 is one of immense satisfaction and pride. I am overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback received from visitors and I want to express my gratitude to the INM family to make this happen. Let us continue to celebrate and cherish the beauty of Indonesia, and stay tuned on INM 2024,” states Krisantiya Natasya, Project Manager of INM 2023 and treasurer of PPIA UNSW.

Indonesian Night Market’s role as a cultural ambassador is crucial in fostering cross-cultural exchange with a global audience. By showcasing the country’s vibrant traditions and music performances, engaging activities, and diverse culinary delights, the night market encapsulates the essence of Indonesia by strengthening cultural bonds. It hence paves the way for a deeper appreciation of customs and traditions that make Indonesia a truly remarkable nation.  [IM]

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