Bincang Santai Bersama Sean Gelael


Sean Gelael adalah seorang pembalap mobil asal Indonesia yang saat ini bergabung bersama W Racing Team di ajang FIA World Endurance Championship. Pria bernama lengkap Muhammad Sean Ricardo Gelael kelahiran 
1 November 1996 di Jakarta ini merupakan putra dari mantan pembalap Indonesia, Ricardo Gelael dan aktris senior Indonesia, Rini S. Bono.

Diaspora Indonesia Ivan Paulus bersama Sean Gelael

Beberapa waktu lalu,
Sean kedatangan tamu salah seorang diaspora Indonesia yang tinggal di Sydney, Ivan Paulus, Vice President dari Livingstone International. Berikut perbincangan santai saat Ivan Paulus meminta Sean Gelael untuk menyampaikan pesan-pesannya buat diaspora muda Indonesia di Australia.

Ivan: Sean, do you have any words for the young generation of Indonesian Diaspora in Australia?

Sean: Don’t party too much in Australia hahahaha!!…. 

I think when you’re young you want to do a lot of things, especially now! There’s so many options and so many things that you can try! But I guess what’s really important is to have a dream. I know some people have already dreamed about what they want to do but I also know some people (like a lot of close friends of mine) have struggled to find what they want to do. I understand there’s a lot of pressure sometimes and there’s always expectations from other people and family. That is why – at some point, you also have to do something that is in your passion, if not you’re never going to do it willingly.

I know it’s easy to say but it’s never that easy to follow your dreams! Obviously there’s going to be a lot of hurdles and you really need to work hard and really believe in yourself. So in reality, I know it’s never that easy. Whenever you are following your dreams and you reach a crossroad where it’s hard and you want to stop and feeling really frustrated (I’ve been down that road many times)… it’s really important to look at yourself and ask ‘why did you start this in the first place’. Really dig deep and think why it made you have that dream in the first place.

Ivan: So keep going back to the ‘why’?

Sean: Yeah, and in the end …you will find it in your heart again to do it and to enjoy it. Because I think at the end of the day – if you don’t do it with a happy heart and you’re not enjoying it – it’s never going to be as easy. Someone told me …it’s never that easy especially in sports… where everything just escalates a lot faster and you’re also able to learn a lot quicker. But this applies to everyday life too.

So I think what is really important, as what my friend have said to me is to ask God to grant me the grace to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I think there’s always going to be external factors that sometimes will put you down but you can only control what you can control. So just do the best you can in what you do, try to admit your mistakes but don’t lose sleep over it if it’s really not within your control.

Ivan: So just move on…hahaha?

Sean: Yeah…hahaha but you obviously have to learn from it! Mistakes are there for us to learn from it! If you’re afraid to do it – you won’t learn anything. But remember to have fun – this is also very important. I think really… just do what you want! The thing is… – what’s hard is that younger generations now have a small attention span so maybe really try to find something you like.

Ivan: Ok…so get them to try and reduce the screen time on mobile phones?

Sean: Hahaha nooo…It really depends! You know there’s a lot of young people who are great youtubers or great gamers and they can make a living for themselves from that! Way before my age!! Just do what you really enjoy and if you’re good at it you should go for it!!. I think at the end of the day… if your parents or your friends know that you can do it and you are working hard at it and you can show them that this is your dream and passion – in the end they will support it! [IM]

Sean Gelael bersama sang ibu dan Ivan paulus bersama keluarga




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