Mari Berbahasa Indonesia Appointment (Janji Temu)


This is a conversation about setting up an appointment (membuat janji temu).

Let’s read the following conversation loudly and  slowly. You may repeat them again to make it perfect.

Tony: Halo
Heru: Halo, Tony. Besok bisa bertemu?

Tony: Tentu. Jam berapa?
Heru: Jam empat sore, setelah saya bekerja

Tony: Ya, bisa.
Heru: Baik. Sampai bertemu besok, ya?
Tony: Ya, sampai besok.

After reading the conversation, now I will introduce some vocabularies and phrases, related to the today’s topic. Please repeat them.

Besok bisa bertemu? (Can we meet tomorrow?)
Tentu. Jam berapa? (Of course. At what time?)
Jam empat sore setelah saya bekerja. (At 4 pm after work)
Ya, bisa (Yes, I can)
Sampai bertemu besok (See you tomorrow)
Sampai besok (See you tomorrow)
Di mana? (Where?)
Di lobi hotel (At the hotel lobby)
Di rumah (At house)
Di restoran (At restaurant)
Di kafe (At café)

Next, here are some examples of conversation on how to give suggestion in making appointment. 

Bagaimana kalau kite bertemu pukul empat sore? (why don’t we meet at 4 pm?)
Bagaimana kalau kita bertemu di restoran? (why don’t we meet at a restaurant?)
Bagaimana kalau kamu ke rumah saya? (why don’t you come to my house?)

Mari Latihan lagi untuk membuat janji (Making Appointment)
Heru: Halo?

Tony: Ya, Halo. Besok kita akan bertemu di mana?
Heru: Hm. … Bagaimana kalau di hotelmu?

Tony: Oh, bagus sekali. Baiklah sampai bertemu besok.
Heru: Ya, sampai besok.

To make an appointment with friends, you can ask them ‘Besok bisa bertemu?’ (Can we meet tomorrow?) or ‘bisa bertemu besok?’ (Can we meet tomorrow?’)

When speaking in Bahasa Indonesia, if you ask someone about something, you have to raise the intonation at the end of sentence.

For example:
– Besok bisa bertemu? (read it slowly, and give stress in the rising intonation at the end of the sentence)
– Bisa bertemu hari Selasa? (read it slowly, and give stress in the rising intonation at the end of the sentence).

That was “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia” this time with a theme “Appointment” (Janji Temu). Hopefully this edition can be useful for those who want to know more about Bahasa Indonesia.

We’ll meet again next month with a different topic. See you in the next edition with other interesting topics.

Terima kasih, dan sampai jumpa. [IM]

The column “Mari Berbahasa Indonesia” (Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia) aims to introduce some Indonesian vocabulary and expression that will guide you to the common use them in conversation. This segment has been made possible through cooperation between The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra and Indomedia. You can access the audio version via instagram @inaincanberra. 

Writer: Ghofar Ismail

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