Jesslyn Christabelle Wijaya – Super Girl Berbakat


Bulan ini, Creatives Corner Indomedia memperkenalkan seorang gadis kecil yang penuh dengan talenta dan bakat di bidang seni dan olah raga. Siapa dia… kita simak aja ulasannya yah!

Name: Jesslyn Christabelle Wijaya
Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Australian Professional Artist and Art teacher @ JCW Art Studio
Education: Currently studying at university level Bachelor of Arts – Curtin Uni (on top of her secondary schooling)


• Published her very first book and DVD “Paint like a pro with Jesslyn Vol 1” – 2011
• Youngest art teacher in Australia (have been teaching since she was 8 years old)
• Showcased her first solo art exhibition at the age of 6, facilitated by the Sydney’s Children Hospital Randwick
• Have completed 5 solo exhibitions to date… Her sixth is coming up next month.

Why do you do what you do?

Eg. a teacher at 15 years old, undertaking a degree at uni, doing exhibition, charity work etc etc…
I actually started teaching when I was 8 years old and have been teaching for 7 years now.

I want people to know that God has helped me with many things in my life and that I can glorify Him through my paintings. Doing the exhibition is actually a given opportunity from Him and that I am very grateful towards Him.

I have chosen to do University at such a young age because I want to learn more so that I can improve my knowledge in art and pass this on to other children & adults with a different way of seeing the world and having studied at University will allow me to communicate with, What and How I see the world.

Have you had any challenges in pursuing your career as an artist in this young age?

Yes, I have had some challenges in pursuing my career. My challenges were trying to find what my theme would be for exhibitions and so that I can make many paintings as a collection together.

Another challenge that I face is when I try to find some ideas in teaching my students because there are so many beautiful landscapes but it doesn’t have what I’m looking for some times, so it’s a bit hard for me to think of what I could teach to my students.

“My Wishing Star”

What’s the first artwork you ever sold?
The first artwork that I’ve sold was “My Wishing Star” (previous title was Shooting Star).

When did you discover painting?
I discovered painting when I was three and a half years old. My mum gave me, my brother’s art piece of paper & a paintbrush and some paints and she found that I have the talent within me so she extended me further and helped me become what I am right now.

You launched your first DVD “Paint like a pro with Jesslyn”, any “painting tips by Jesslyn”?

Well the majority of my painting tips are in that book and DVD so I don’t know anything else to say besides keep on practicing.

And you know when you have passion in your work something great is produced (it shows through) otherwise if you have no passion you won’t produce anything good. People will connect with what you capture “with emotion” when it’s there.

Current Projects:
1. Working on solo exhibition at NSW Parliament House, Sydney from 3rd of April until 27 April 2018
2. Working with my mum to launch my own sarong, scarf and swim wear range with my paintings printed on them
3. Practicing my dance with my group to perform at Disneyland, Universal Studio and Hollywood
4. Preparing for National Competition for Table Tennis. Hoping to go further to Commonwealth Games!

Let’s visit Jesslyn next solo exhibition and support her talents!!

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