Thousand Visitors at Alun-Alun 2022


Alun-Alun 2022 has been successfully held with more than a thousand visitors, both Indonesian and locals, each day. The food tenants offer a varied range of traditional food options and batik choices, which catch the most attention of the locals.

On the first day, the Indonesia Consulate General in Melbourne (KJRI) visited and brought several songs as a surprise performance. Asides from that, the visitors were provided with heaps of cultural entertainment, starting with a traditional dance by Aneka Ria, Sanggar Sang Penari, Gamelan DanAnda, Kecapi Suling Preston, Michelle Lay, and a dangdut performance by Jawa Pitu.

Moreover, two workshops of cendol making in collaboration with Cultural Day and klepon making, which Ibu Mantarina Herlianti taught as the Chairlady of DWP KJRI, caught people’s attention.

Day one was closed with an interactive nostalgic Indonesian karaoke night where the audience could choose the song and sing along.

The second day was euphoric with the opening of Angklung performances by Mojang Angklung, followed by a traditional dance by Minang Saiyo, Widya Luvtar, and Nauli Dancer.

Furthermore, an authentic Indonesian martial art, Pencak silat also being presented during the day. Additionally, people who are looking for more activities are given the option to join the traditional dance workshop by Sanggar Sang Penari.

While enjoying the delicious food vendors, audiences could hear beautiful notation of gamelan by Mugi Rahayu, some acoustic performances by Orkes Jawi, and a jazz setlist by The Krotz.

At the end of the day, the special guest star, Diskoria, made Alun-Alun became one of the most memorable nights for the visitors with
2 hours performances. [IM]

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