Natalia Soehono, Team Up For A Better Future


Bekerja dengan keluarga tentu saja ada tantangannya. Tapi, jika ada passion yang sama, rasanya peluang suksesnya tentu lebih besar. Lia dan Prof. Loekito, sang ayah, bahu membahu memberikan layanan pendidikan yang jawara banget buat mereka yang mencari pendidikan berkualitas di luar negeri.

Lia, lengkapnya Natalia Soehono, lahir di Malang, 25 Desember 1981. Ia memiliki satu kakak lelaki. Ibu seorang balita ini menyukai desserts dan hobi nongkrong di taman bermain menemani anaknya bermain. Di tengah kesibukannya sebagai manajer Loekito Education Group dan migration lawyer, Lia meluangkan waktunya untuk INDOMEDIA dan berbincang tentang passion-nya dan ayahnya yang saling mengisi dengan baik.

Hi, Lia, tell us about your upbringing.
I had a very loving and fun upbringing. We travelled and I was exposed to various cultures and experiences.

What’s a family to you?
Close knit, loving, caring, supportive, protective. People I cannot live without.

You did spend time in Australia. Share with us the life in there, why you went there, and what did you do when living there? Also, what made you back to your hometown?
I lived in Sydney with my family when I was young until around grade 3 primary school. I then returned to study in Sydney at UTS College when I was 16 years old. I continued to live in Sydney and completed a Bachelor from UTS and Masters degree from the University of Sydney. Then I did some work in the logistics field. I lived in Shanghai for some time and then moved to Melbourne. In Melbourne, I pursued a law degree and then worked as an Immigration Lawyer.

I am now living most of the time in Indonesia to be closer to family and also assist my father in his business, Loekito Education Group. I also still operate my migration law firm named Soehono Legal.

What’s the story behind the education centre you run with your father?
Loekito Education Group was founded by my father from his experience of over 30 years assisting students from Indonesia to study in Australia. We also operate an English language training centre in Malang and Surabaya.

My father himself studied in the University of Sydney and through his experiences he established student recruitment and the English language centre. He has assisted thousands of Indonesian students to study in Australia throughout his years in the industry.

Why is Mr Loekito so into education?
My dad is a Professor at Brawijaya University in Malang, Indonesia and is passionate about education. He always believes that people can better themselves in life through education and in life you can never stop learning.

And when did your and father’s vision cross path?
As an Immigration Lawyer, I always assisted my father’s students who had visa issues whilst studying in Australia. However, when I returned home as I was using his office space to meet my legal clients, I would often end up counselling future students and parents about their plans study in Australia.

Having experienced life as an international student in Australia helped me in providing accurate and reliable information on studying overseas. My immigration law clients would also ask questions for their children’s future study plan so our vision just naturally jelled together.

How do you see education in the future and low level economy people can access that?
Education will always be in our future, however what the pandemic has taught us is that you do not necessarily have to be in a traditional classroom setting to receive quality education.

From my knowledge, many countries including Indonesia are giving free education to low level income families.

Tell us your opinion on Indonesian education and how it is crucial to contribute the human resource development?
I believe that the Indonesian Minister for Education, Mr. Nadiem Anwar Makarim has made many positive changes to Indonesian education system. The Indonesian Ministry of Finance through its Education Endowment Fund are providing various scholarships for studying higher education in Indonesia or abroad. This is to prepare Indonesia’s future leaders and professionals through education funding.

What are the most challenging moments running this business?
The challenging moments in our business often occur when our clients (students) are unable to adapt to living in Australia or are having difficulties with their studies. Parents often become concern and we need to be able to calm them down and find a solution.

Overall however, I do not see this as a challenge as I love what I do.

Tell us how Loekito Education Group gives more values for students’ benefit and future
Loekito Education Group is a one stop solution if you wish to study overseas. We assist from counselling, applications to institutions, English language preparation, visa applications for students and their family, finding accommodation, pre departure service and any other things you need assistance with.

The added bonus is also that you can get free Australian immigration law advise if you have any troubles with your student visa or wish to apply for temporary resident or permanent residency in the future.

We recently was given the Radar Malang Awards 2022 for being the Most Trusted International Education Consultant. [IM]

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