The Lazy Dog Cafe, Fresh Is Best


The Lazy Dog Café is located right in the heart of Newstead, across a beautiful park, and within walking distance from the Gasworks precinct. The café itself is a weekday favourite with the corporate professionals around the area, the tranquil setting away from the usual shopping complex hubbub makes it the perfect place to start the day with great coffee and a light breakfast, and the perfect place to just ‘chill’ at morning tea or lunch time.

On weekends the café is transformed to a family and pet friendly meeting place, with an all-day brunch menu and live music for special occasions. (This café is so dog friendly – it has a pooch menu!)

The Lazy Dog Café has become a destination, drawing customers from far beyond the local area. When people come to the Lazy Dog Café for the first time, they see beyond the café stereotype, they see a dynamic, diverse community brought together by a shared appetite for modern Australian food – the kind of food that is influenced by the diverse cultural inheritance of Australians, and for the kind of connections that good food can forge.

Diversity in the kitchen and dining room is hardly unusual at the café. The various inheritances can be found in the food we serve, from simple toasties to Eggs Benedict to Indonesian style Fried Rice to Shakshuka ….And, in the various customers that gather around our tables, or perhaps even in the genetic code of a member of our wait staff. The food philosophy at the Lazy Dog Café is “fresh is best”. They cycle through their entire stock of ingredients every few days.

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The coffee beans are sourced from a local roaster and fresh produce from local suppliers. Most of the food is made in house, and if it’s not – it is delivered fresh from local producers Drop by the Lazy Dog Café any day, for breakfast or lunch, and you will find people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs. It is more than just a café, it’s a community – a meeting place where the café staff will greet you by name, where family and friends gather over delicious food, great coffee and lively conversations…

4/27 Cunningham St, Newstead QLD 4006
Phone:0423 687 100

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