Our Planet Needs To Be In Safe Hands With Climate Change

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Written by Princess Angeliquerose

Welcome! As we all know, the future of our planet needs to be in safe hands with climate change already wreaking havoc on our natural environment. We must confront the climate crisis now, as we still have a window of time.

The earth is maternal. It feeds us and it keeps us healthy. It maintains all plants, animals and insects as they are the fabric of this planet. Without insects, trees and animals – we as a species could not exist on earth. Therefore, we must honour the circle of life, the planet’s food chain and the ecosystem.

Unfortunately, our planet is warming up due to greenhouse gases, and with deforestation, our forests all over the world are vanishing at an alarming rate. As the green lungs of mother earth, they are vital to our health and survival. They provide us with oxygen, the very essence of life.

As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in trees and soil. Older trees are primary storehouses of carbon. A larger tree grows more quickly and sucks up a lot more carbon than a smaller tree. Then we have mother trees, the largest and oldest trees in the forest. Mother trees support seedlings by keeping them strong, protecting them and supplying them with nutrients, vital to growth.

Further, trees have their own Internet system. Trees are socially sophisticated and intelligent. They have families and communicate with each other using chemical hormones and electrical signals. But also, trees can communicate and share resources under our feet using a fungal network. They also send pheromones and other scent signals through the air!

So, mother trees are very important in a forest playing a crucial role in the ecosystem’s survival, and the future of this planet.

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