Sydney’s Own Indonesian Night Market Is Returning For One Night Only


PPIA UNSW is holding its annual Indonesian Night Market (INM) 
on the 9th of June 2023. Garnering over 3,000 visitors in its previous year in INM 2022, the event will ramp up its festivities this year. 

The market will be filled with bustling food stalls, traditional Indonesian musical performances, and cultural activities to fill the night. 

This market is set to start at 4.30PM to 9.30PM in UNSW’s Globe Lawn. The distinct theme of INM 2023 is ‘Jelajah Memori’. It directly translates to ‘Explore Memories’, inviting visitors to explore Indonesian cuisine with a retro twist as the University walkway is transformed into a 1990s Indonesian market with colorful art installations and decorations.

Indonesian cuisine from across the nation such as Nasi Goreng and Satay to desserts like Martabak will be staple classics in the market alongside other regional cuisines visitors are encouraged to explore. This year, stalls not only come from renowned restaurants across Sydney but also from authentic home-cooks to bring comforting flavours of home meals distinct to Indonesian dinner tables for new-commers to experience and for homesick visitors who crave a taste of something familiar.

Visitors will complete the night with not only food but amazing performances curated specially for the market: renowned Angklung and Gamelan symphonies, traditional dance performances, and special student-led sing-alongs will fill the duration of the market. A photobooth will also be available for visitors to snap pictures and bring home their own memories from the event.

“It’s unlike any other. This market is our flagship event, we worked hard to make it happen because we are proud and excited to share Indonesian culture to Sydney,” states Krisantiya Natasya, Project Manager of INM 2023 and treasurer of PPIA UNSW.

The event is open to the public and is free of entry fees. It runs for one night only, so do not miss out!

For more information and updates on the market, head to Instagram (@inm.unsw) and Facebook (Indonesian Night Market 2023). [IM]

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