Lidya Nada


Hi I’m Lidya, a girl who is passionate about everything related to art direction. It all starts from my love for colour, beauty, and aesthetic.

I’m currently working as a graphic designer and photographer based in Sydney.

“Creativity for me is an ability to invent and express ideas outside the box, but also to think differently of what’s already existing.”

There are 4 steps for my creative process.

1. Get Inspired
Explore more. The more you see, the more you will be inspired. Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are the main platforms where I mostly get my inspirations. I can get inspired by many things; my surroundings, meeting new people, or even being with my closest friends.

2. Copy and Learn
Find some artist that you like and try to recreate what they do. I feel this is the most effective way to learn. You analyse every aspect of how they create their works, then you can make your own style and learn.

3. Create
Practice makes perfect. The more you create, the more you get used to it and it gives way to improve your skills. Keep moving, keep creating, keep shooting, and keep being motivated.

4. Add One More Step
 When you think you are done, take one more step. Just a step to become a better person everyday. Learn new things. Either succeed or not, at least we learn something.

Repeat all these steps, that’s how you can keep yourself creative everyday. You really need to enjoy the process at this point. Patience is the key. Focus on your goal and what you want to achieve. Get connected with people, do some collaborations, and keep creating! You will be amazed how the process will transform you!

Twilight dance.
Capturing authentic relationship between two people. This picture already displays what needs to be said. I’m in love with this shot!




The unexpected.
This is the most unexpected photo that I have ever taken. And it became one of my most favourite one! This couple took me to La Perouse for the first time, and the view was amazing, we had the best sunset there and just took advantage of that happy moment right there.





This shot was taken in front of an old house, showing how you can make a simple background by using the right angle and moment.


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