In Conversation with Andreah: ‘‘I feel a lot more confident”

Photo by: Ida Bagus Nyoman Anggstya

Having opened for some of Sam Smith and The Script’s Greatest Hits Tour 2022 including Jakarta and Bandung, 20-year-old Filipina-Irish artist Andreah couldn’t be any happier that she’s living the dream at such a young career. Given her ambition and musical talent, she is an artist to watch out for in the coming years.

This is not your first time touring with The Script. How do you feel this time?
No it’s not. I actually toured with them in 2018, before the pandemic. It was very exciting but I was really nervous that time because it was my first, really big tour and I didn’t know what to expect. But now, I feel a lot more confident but you know, I actually pretty nervous to perform to Indonesian people, because I never perform in Jakarta before and finally we meet in the Script: Greatest Hits Tour 2022.

What kind of surprises you’ve prepared this time around?
I rehearsed a lot more, over the past couple of years I’ve worked with new producers, wrote more songs, so definitely a lot catchier and hopefully Indonesian people will have a lot of fun so I tried engage if we dance on stage. 

What inspires you when you’re writing songs?
I guess it’s just real life experiences. I think my music is sort of like my journal and each song is experiences and stories that have happened in my life. Every time I write a song is based off a real-life experience that has either happened to me or anyone who’s close to me, like my best friend or family. I always wanted to tell a story or have a message for people who listen to my music.

The more people you meet, the more people putting hopes on you. How do you respond yourself?
I never put pressure on myself, because I know that I love doing music for me and I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t have music. There are so many other people out there that love me and love my music and are able to connect with me. I look at those and I’m like if I can help just one person that would make a huge difference to my life. I’m not gonna think about the negative comments because I’m doing for myself but also for the other people that think of my music is like saving them. 

Beside writing songs, did you also playing music instrument in your singles?
No I didn’t, I have the producer and usually I start writing a song with piano or guitar but there’s lots of talented producers and session musicians out there. So I’d go to studio with them and say I hear this in my head, this is what I want and then they would work with me to create that, because I want spend all of time perfecting my vocals, the lyrics, the melodies and they folk some of the instrumentation.

You recently released your single “So Far Away” walk us through what the song is about?
I actually wrote this love song two years ago. I wrote this song on guitar and I went to Los Angeles and asked my producer to develop this pop ballad music beautifully. Over the pandemic, I wrote so many songs and no one knows that. 

Who is your new music producer?
Justin Stanley. He has previously produced the likes of Paul McCartney, Prince, Eric Clapton, Beck, Sheryl Crow, Leonard Cohen, and Snoop Dogg.

What do you think of blockchain?
I think all is super new and very hype and no one really knows exactly what’s going on, the market is volatile and you don’t know the market is up or down and I personally don’t risk it as I don’t buy crypto. I don’t invest because it’s kind of gambling. Let’s find out together what’s the endgame of this business. 

Which area of investment that you considered saver?
Property. If you don’t know anything about investing, just invest on property. Do your research, because at the end of the day, if you lose money, you’re the only to blame. [IM]

Article by Aldo Sianturi   |   Photo by: Ida Bagus Nyoman Anggstya

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