bara: embers


bara: embers
[bah-rah] noun, Indonesian

an exhibition by Woven Kolektif
celebrating International Women’s Day

2 March – 3 April 2020
Bankstown Arts Centre: 5 Olympic Parade, Bankstown
Open weekdays 9am-5pm, free entry or 9707 5400

Bara are the smouldering embers.
Bara can start a fire and are there at the finish of the fire.
Bara keep alive something which can easily be put out, or be lit again.

What do our inner embers tell us? What do we carry within and amongst us? We question where our culture lies – in the heat of the bara, or in the water that puts them out? How do we use the heat of the bara for regeneration and growth? Woven Kolektif share installation and performances drawing on the concept of bara and its potential to offer healing, belonging and new possibility.

Woven Kolektif are: Bridie Gillman, Sofiyah Ruqayah, Leyla Stevens, Alfira O’Sullivan, Kartika Suharto-Martin, Kyati Suharto, Ida Lawrence and Mashara Wachjudy

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