Indonesian Night Market 2022


PPIA UNSW’s annual Indonesian culture and cuisine festival, Indonesian Night Market, is set to be held offline on the 17th of June 2022 starting from 4:30 PM. After being forced online due to the pandemic, this festival is back bigger and better than ever with the theme of “Sandhya Dwipa”
– a celebration of the diverse islands of Indonesia.

The event’s highlight is the food bazaar, where rows of stalls are packed with authentic Indonesian food. Visitors are invited to embark on a journey from Sabang to Merauke, savouring the many islands’ cultures. From martabak to sate taichan, this night market is perfect for those in Sydney
who crave a taste from home or even those who are first-timers to Indonesian cuisine.

The night is packed with performances: a beautiful Gamelan performance from UNSW’s Gamelan Society, a modern dance, a traditional Indonesian dance, and a talent show. A special live-music performance by Sydney-based Indonesian based Frasa is set to rock the festival’s stage in the evening.

To top it all off, INM features a Parade of Islands to proudly showcase Indonesian culture and
holds a Podjok Budaya where visitors can play traditional games and participate in a batik workshop. A flag-raising ceremony will also be held to kickstart the event.

Don’t miss out and join us at INM 2022! For future updates and further information,
follow us on Instagram (@inm.unsw) and Facebook (Indonesian Night Market 2022).

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