Senandung Nostalgia 2022


Coming To You This December! 

We get it – living far away from our home country is in itself a challenge. We miss home: the people, the food, the culture and certainly, the music. This is why we bring to you Sydney’s biggest Indonesian Music Festival of 2022: Senandung Nostalgia! 

Translated to English, ‘Senandung Nostalgia,’ in short Sendal, means a nostalgic chant. We aim to trigger nostalgic feelings – a longing for Indonesia – to bring people together. And what’s better than an Indonesian music festival in Sydney?

This is exactly what Sendal Festival will offer to you this year – an Indonesian night in Sydney, flying Indonesian pop stars all the way to Sydney… Definitely a night to remember. 

Following the success of our 2021’s event, this year’s Sendal Festival will revolve around our theme of ‘Utopia of Heritage.’ We acknowledge that despite living far away from our home, Indonesia, it’s of the utmost importance that we still revive Indonesian cultures.

This December, we will bring you the top Indonesian musicians and producer – Vierra, Tulus and Dipha Barus. A Sydney – based Indonesian band, Frasa, will also be joining this spectacular night!

So, are you ready to be part of Senandung Nostalgia 2022: Utopia of Heritage and rock the night away with us? 

See you at Sendal Festival 2022! Coming to you on December 1, 2022. Save the date!!


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