Sarah Yeriko – An Experimental Artist/Designer


Hey there, I’m Sarah.

I was born in 1997, and I’ve recently graduated from the University of New South Wales as an undergraduate Industrial designer.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Industrial design”, it is an incredibly diverse field of design, but essentially it is the designing and development of mass-produced objects. Whether it be cars, clothes or cans. I start out by is to seeking out problems and sticking to the ones that fire me up. Once I found one I am committed to, the next step is to research, conceptualize, and develop a solution for it. Cycling through this is very time and effort-intensive. Many ideas will be scrapped in the process, and that is okay.

I love doing what I do right now but it took a mountain of experimentation, mistakes, and failed dreams to get here. I believe that in our youths, we need to often experiment and search for our skills, talents, and passions; so that in our mature years, we can utilize combinations of them to help in causes we are passionate about. The world can always be improved, there will always be problems we can counter.

My favorite projects:

Wavelength one
My final project in Industrial design is a more comfortable and user-friendly Holter monitor.

This project allows me to use as many skills as I can as a designer; contained within our time limit of 10 weeks. Before entering the design phase, we were also given 10 weeks prior to creating a research paper, compiling all our research in order to arrive at a product that is technically sound. Wavelength one is designed around those who are under high risk of arrhythmia (irregular heart palpitations) and heart attacks.


The brief for this project was a future concept for OX, a construction tool company. My team drew up a large drone that could spray paint and clean windows in high up, difficult to reach areas. It would reduce costs and remove dangerous tasks from human employees. It was featured as one of the exhibits in “Luminocity” a light-filled university design exhibition.

Yung (ongoing)

This project came about from winning a design contest with a goal to counter the increasing rate of diabetes within the indigenous people of Australia. Our team named it “Yung” which translates to “shield” in the aboriginal language. This patch was aimed at preventing prediabetic patients from contracting diabetes, a financially debilitating condition that can last a lifetime. Our team wanted to make Yung as comfortable as possible by experimenting with microneedles to extract and measure blood glucose levels in a patient’s interstitial fluid. [IM]

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