My name is Rangga Rinaldy Siradjuddin, but most of my friends call me Rang. My father is Indonesian and my mother is from Thailand and they met in Sydney, Australia in their university days and here I was born in august 25th 1989. I actually moved to Bali and lived there for eight years as my father got a job working as a head chef in Denpasar so I grew up in my early days as a Balinese/aussie boy.

Passion kamu apa, sih? Momen apa yang bikin kamu sadar kalau itu passion kamu?
My passion has always been football growing up. My cousin actually plays professionally
for Australia and he’s half Indonesia half italian playing for Sheffield Wednesday in Championship England Football League (Massimo Luongo). Coincidentally my little
brother (Jimmy Siradjuddin) and Massimo is near same age and Massimos’s older brother (Tiziano Luigi) is the same age as me and us 4 growing up had a reputation for playing great football in our respective clubs and we have been athletic all our lives playing sport throughout our schooling days. Injuries as we got older actually made me change my passion for bodybuilding around the age of 26 when I decided to take my training seriously. Football would always be my first love but I live and breathe bodybuilding now!

Berapa lamakah proses untuk menjadi seorang bodybuilder/proses yang diperlukan dalam mempersiapkan kompetisi? Apa langkah-langkahnya?
Well, it takes years to fully develop quality muscles, although everyone is different genetically meaning some may build faster than others it still does take a long time of dedication, hard work, and discipline in order to build a base for competing in bodybuilding.

The steps to enter really is simple as an amateur you can simply register on the IFBB pro league Australia as a competitor. Depending on which division you desire, pay your registration, and off you go prep until show day!

Apa saja, sih, tantangan yang kamu hadapi sebagai seorang bodybuilder?
The biggest challenge is everyday life, for me if you are juggling a job, family, and anything else personal that might take time off your everyday schedule. It can affect your progress as bodybuilding requires your absolute focus and dedication, on and off the gym. The pros are sponsored and their job is to gym that’s much easier than an amateur like myself who half the day working and trying to fit in meals as well as making sure I don’t miss a gym session and giving every session 110% every time!

Boleh share tips dan nasihat untuk mereka yang mau mulai?
Preparation is key! Preparation is the key to become successful! Prep your meals, have a routine/program you can follow created either by yourself if you’re a certified trainer or from a coach (definitely get a coach if you plan to compete, I cannot stress how important it is to have the right guidance). Each day is as important as the last, so make sure you prep every day to maximise each day to its full potential so you get the result you want!

Apakah ada komunitas bodybuilder di Australia? Bagaimana bergabungnya?
There are plenty and it’s growing! With new divisions like Men’s Physique and Classic Physique division growing bigger each year and for the ladies Bikini and Wellness. The bodybuilding community is simply growing and with so much knowledge passing down from generation and even from pros to amateur, there are lots of information you can obtain and use.

The biggest and my most favourite in Australia is Instagram @Ifbbproleagueoz and Facebook – Aussie Muscle Asylum! Some great tips and posts happening daily to keep everyone updated with Australian bodybuilding!

6. Kalau mau mengikuti perjalananmu bisa follow di mana, nih?
You can follow my journey on

Instagram @iamphysique
Facebook “Rang Rinaldy”
and my up and coming apparel

Thank you so much Indomedia for supporting my journey and I will be back in the gym very soon with my team sponsor @globalgymaus and I will bring my best package to date coming next show, either end of the year or March 2022 for sure!

I will keep everyone posted via my social media! [IM]

The Transformation: 13 y/o (left), 18 y/o (middle), 30 y/o (right)

My first competition came 7th – 2019

Most recent comp place 3rd Novice A and Opens A – 2021 March


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