Quality Remote Learning at UTS Insearch Ready Now


With high quality Remote Learning well underway at UTS Insearch, there is no need for any student to put their future on hold. Whether they’re in Australia or overseas, students can now access the same quality curriculum, structure and support UTS Insearch in known for, while studying in their own homes. This has been made possible by a dedicated team of highly qualified teachers and caring specialist staff in support services, working with world-leading technology.

Remote learning class sizes are small – no more than 20 students in one tutorial – allowing for an engaging learning experience. One-on-one tutorials, study-skills workshops, and specialist Study Success Advisers all help keep students on track. 

No need to delay progress
Peter Harris, Chief Officer, Partnerships and Growth at UTS Insearch encourages students to keep moving towards their academic goal. “The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic are no reason for any student, whether they’re here or overseas, to feel that they need to delay their progress. The quality content in our Remote Learning courses is underpinned by world-leading learning management systems and collaboration tools. At UTS Insearch, we have all the resources you need to follow your university dream right now,” he says.

Fatemeh Hamidavi, a Diploma of Science student, is currently taking advantage of this opportunity. “Remote learning helps you become more independent and more mature about what you’re doing,” she says. “It helps you connect with other people in a different way.”

Students are also happy to share advice about making the most of Remote Learning. Bryan Guntoro, Diploma of IT graduate now studying Bachelor of IT at UTS advises that good time-management and organisational skills are vital for online learning. “Every day I write out a list of what I need to study, subject-by-subject,” he says.

Ngoc Hanh Nguyen Tran, who is studying Bachelor of Medical Science at UTS after completing her Diploma of Science at UTS Insearch, says, “In my experience, the main thing with Remote Learning is to plan ahead. Go to the Subject Outline to orientate yourself and note down important dates. You need to keep yourself on track. And if you’re struggling, ask for help, because there’s lots of help available.”

Starting at UTS Insearch can also be a great option for those who haven’t studied for some time or didn’t complete their first attempt at university-level study. Sara discovered that starting again with a diploma from UTS Insearch had several advantages. “You get smaller classes, and more teacher support. It worked out well for me because I was kind of eased back into the studying process. If you haven’t been studying for a while, it gives you confidence. So really, it worked out well in the end,” Sara says.

Enrolments now open for Semester 2
With enrolments for Semester 2 open until 22 June 2020, there’s still time for students, whether in Australia or overseas, to kick-start their university dreams at UTS Insearch. 

For details about how to apply, visit insearch.edu.au, call 1800 896 994 or for international students, contact your education agent. [IM]



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