Jasmine Brata


Hi, I’m Jasmine Brata & I’m a student at Deakin University, majoring in Children’s Literature.

My love for drawing begun when I was a kid, I would always doodle everywhere – scrap papers, on the corner of textbooks & occasionally on the wall. The love grew from there on, & I tried a lot of different medias but ended up sticking with watercolors. I find them challenging, but translates my style really well. I draw a lot of cartoons – children’s book style illustrations with lots of vibrant colors & small details, and the reason for doing so is I want to recreate a child’s imagination in my drawing: fun, colorful, maybe a bit messy, and fantasy-like.

I draw my inspirations from my daily living: travel, food, other artists, and just about everything I see. I also draw tributes to the things I love: like Ghibli films (Spirited Away’s my favorite!) & Harry Potter books.

For my food illustrations, I like to create something new from what might look like ordinary-food, and add fun elements to it: a face, an animal, and create a whole new creature.

I find joy in being able to create something, and Instagram has been a great media platform for me to share my works. Check my works on Instagram @jasminejbrata !

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