Charity Night and Annual General Meeting


Catching up for the past couple of months, ISA NSW has held several key events by the end of 2019.

Charity Night

Creation of the Night Sky was ISA NSW’s debut charity event which was held on 26 October 2019 at Rydges World Square. We collaborated with the Solar Chapter which aim is to help the development of East Nusa Tenggara through sustainable methods such as building water tanks and solar panels as well as education for local communities. A representative from the Consulate General attended the event and delivered a speech. The charity night offered a unique dining experience for guests which included several games throughout the night, an auction session and a photobooth service which was a massive hit. To wrap up the night, awards were presented to outstanding PPIA sub-branches, students and best-dressed guests. Overall, the charity event was an immense success which has raised a large amount of funding that will be donated for a better Indonesia.

Annual General Meeting

In mid-October 2019, ISA NSW and PPIA USYD held their Annual General Meetings (AGM). Meanwhile, PPIA Macquarie held theirs on the 1st of November. The AGMs involved reports of the year’s activities, QnA sessions, presentations by presidential candidates, votings and president inaugurations. We are proud to welcome our new president, Grace Anne, who has previously contributed to our organisation as the Head of Events division and Project Manager for the charity night and annual NSW Cup this year. Other event highlights of 2019 aside from the Charity Night includes Supermentor, a speaking panel of renowned successful individuals, and Interstate connect, a collaborative meeting with PPIA ACT which was attended by the PPIA branches and sub-branches based in NSW and ACT. ISA NSW plans to bring new and exciting things in the coming year.

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