Misty Mountains

“Hi, Albert talking,

I just want to Appreciate IndoMedia for reaching out to me,
It is rare nowadays to find platforms that provide a place where Creators can share.
Just like IndoMedia, I love communities and people.
As creators, the best thing I can tell you is really to love what you do.
Being an influencer just happen to allow me to do those,
To love the community and also the people.

My works revolves around philosophy, psychology and art.
I share my thoughts on Insta almost daily and engage with you guys there.
So yeah, you can find me on Insta, I am quite active there everyday.
you might also have heard from my friend @lidyanada on the previous Issue of this magazine.
Thanks for taking time to read this, appreciate you

Much love,

Sheep and Swine

Sheep and Swine is my favorite picture and perhaps one of my best work so far, it portrays the juxtaposition I’m trying to create but also the emotion I want to express.

A brief story about the photo:
Sheep is portrayed as clean and innocent whereas Swine, filthy and often positioned as the lowest of creatures.
My message to my audience has always been “love”, and this image is just a perfect, perfect example of what it is.
Whether you are the Sheep or Swine. Love transcends all.

White Flocks














This is my favorite picture after Sheep and Swine, taken in Royal National Park, just the right time when the birds are flying pass in front of me. The picture describes freedom to me.


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