Adriana Hilder


Name: Adriana Hilder
DOB: 17/09/1992
Occupations: Videographer/ Photographer at Komorebi Productions

About me:
Me and my friends love watching wedding videos when we were younger and we would cry at the moments and the beautiful shoots they have, think this is what got me into doing Video and Photography work. I love creating those beautiful moments for years to come.

I am also inspired by Japanese miniature photographer Tanaka Tatsuya. After seeing Tanaka’s work, I decided to create my own little miniature world and since then I’ve been creating miniature photos and post them on my instagram account. 


Christmas Vibe

I’ve taken many miniature photographs, creating a scene right in my bedroom and for christmas last year 2018 I thought about creating something creative and fun for my own Christmas card, and this is what I came up with. I placed trees around the house and I used fake snow to create chill winter day.

“It’s a wrap”

I was actually working on a music video and at the end of the shoot we decided to do something fun by playing around with lighting and colours. David was just so happen to be on set with us and ended up being the model of the day.

My Fat Meringue

One night we decided to go and check out the food night market in Flemington and I came across this delicious Meringue dessert by Fat Meringue, this photo idea just came to mind in a split moment and I used whatever miniature I had in my bag to create this beautiful scene.

Dyah + Rendy


Two lovely people tie the knot under the beauty of the harbour bridge. This is one of the photos I love from Dyah and Rendy wedding day.





Off the Clock

What better ways to spend your days off from work besides going to Sugar Republic exhibition? I took this opportunity to go out with friends and capture the happy moments. [IM]


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