Adeline Vania Subhyakto
DOB: 26 September 2001
Occupation: Student (Bachelor of Human Sciences with Major in Human Movement)

1. Soundquriang 7:
Symphony of Satoe Noesa

Soundquriang is an annual charity concert that has been held by PPIA (Indonesian Students’ Association) Macquarie for 7 years consecutively. Due to pandemic,
we had to adapt our “Soundquriang 7: Symphony of Satoe Noesa” into an online experience. In this project, I was given a chance to be the Design and Visual Director to help visualising the whole concert. This project was time-consuming as I had to find thousands of pictures from different sources, cut them out one by one, did some colour correction and finally animated them as legitimate as possible. I decided to apply Surrealism into the work, so that different photos from different sources appeared as one coherent scene.

2. Damba – Amabel Odelia ft. Garry Armando (Official Music Video)

This project is actually a music video for two fresh artists, Amabel Odelia and Garry Armando. As the director, scriptwriter and editor I decided to produce the MV in both Indonesia and Australia, portraying the Long Distant Relationships that are very common these days. The music itself has fun and quirky beats which align with the “comic-ish” styled editings.

3. @PPIAMQ Instagram
As the Design and Documentation Director of PPIA Macqurie 19/20,
I decided to use an art called Dadaism
as the major concept of our Instagram feeds.

It basically means that we collage irrational and weird pieces of pictures to make the desired look. The idea actually comes from the fact that collage should be one of the design styles that can be done by anyone, no need any particular skills (i.e., drawing, painting, graphic designing, etc.), just creativity, spontaneity and out of the box thinking. [IM]

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