INDOMEDIA101 – 101 Things to do Before You Graduate University

(Sydney Edition* or International Student Edition)


University is definitely one of the best time to explore and try new things. Apalagi buat kita international students yang sudah jauh-jauh pergi dari rumah untuk menimba ilmu di luar negeri. Nah, jangan sampai pengalaman kita disini sebatas belajar saja ya, ini nih 101 things to do at university versi Indomedia101.

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1. Join PPIA (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia)
2. Follow your university social media
3. Go on a uni-organized campus tour
4. Get freebies on Orientation Week
5. Go into other university orientation weeks
6. Join a society with AHEGS certification (or any activity that boost your resume)
7. Join a university society of your interest!
8. Go to the gym in campus (or even sign up for membership!)
9. Come to one of the martial art class
10. Jog in the park on campus
11. Sleep in the park on campus
12. Study there too!
13. Or even do a picnic
14. Come to a free seminar or talks
15. Sneak into a paid one
16. Feed the campus wildlife
17. Offer your chips to a random stranger nest to you
18. Sell $1 chocolates around campus for charity
19. Hand in an essay early
20. (DO NOT) Hand in an essay late
21. Take a picture when doing group work
22. Post it with the caption “I LOVE GROUPWORK”
23. Hang out with your group mates AFTER the group work is submitted
24. Sign up to another country student society
25. Attend PPIA events
26. And pretend that you’re not Indonesian
27. Laugh when they find out
28. Teach somebody something
29. Read a random book in the library that is not related to your studies
30. Leave a bookmark with your favorite quote in that book
31. Study in every available study space
32. And actually use it for Studying
33. Pull an all-nighter in the library (or stay ‘till the closing time)
34. Use the university WIFI
35. to stream a whole session of Stranger Things
36. Come to a religious group meeting
37. Visit the campus wellbeing
38. Stick a sticky note with positive message in the bathroom stall
39. Sneak into lectures you find interesting – and had nothing to do with your degree
40. Attend a student concert
41. Ask something random when the lecturer ask if there’s any question
42. Make a lot lot of friends
43. Write out a Plan for after graduation
44. Visit your career advisors service
45. Make your resume
46. Use those student discounts. You can get discounts on food, movies, and museums. Your student ID is more valuable than you realize.
47. Take a picture with your student ID
48. Climb something! Sneak onto the highest roof on campus and enjoy the view.
49. Take a selfie in all the iconic buildings of your university
50. Buy your favorite lecturer a coffee
51. and stay in contact with them
52. Try every meal in the canteen
53. Learn to cook if you get sick of ‘em
54. Study in the library on the weekend
55. Prank a random classmate
56. Say sorry and give them a candy
57. Add them on social media
58. Be their BFF
59. Write “… was here” on a class room wall (be careful of getting caught)
60. Attend a play by the drama club or drama department
61. Take part in a positive protest
62. Write for your university student magazine
63. Do a standing ovation for a really good lecture
64. Pop out to your morning class with pajamas
65. Dye your hair
66. Or your eyebrows
67. Become a mentor
68. Buy your favorite mentee a lunch
69. Go inside every building in your university
70. Sit down for 10 minutes on an empty lecture hall
71. Stand in the front and act like you’re a lecturer
72. Act like you’re lost ask for the most obvious place (like where is the entrance?)
73. Make friends with someone from a country you didn’t know exist
74. Have at least one local ozy friend
75. Learn a new language
76. Swim in a fountain
77. Get involved in a play or other performance
78. Go on road trip
79. Visit the art installation
80. Apply for internship
81. Find a part time job on campus (or off campus is fine too)
82. Go to a university sports team’s game. Get vocal and animated with your support.
83. Join a sport team
84. Win a quiz or trivia or game night
85. Join a competition as a university group
86. Pop out on movie night with costumes
87. Go for brunch with classmates you never speak to before
88. Buy a secondhand book
89. Do a video conference with your family during the class
90. Sell your book
91. Get your textbook signed by your lecturer
92. Ask for a photo with your class
93. Make a vlog of your typical uni week
94. Use a fake (silly) name on a speed friendship session
95. Write a graduation speech
96. Shoot and post it on social media (mention us please!)
97. Decorate your graduation cap
98. Hire a photographer for your graduation day
99. Take as many photos as you can
100. Make a plan on what you’re going to do after graduation
101. Just do anything you want to do, try new stuff, explore, and have fun!

By Natasha Ingelia

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